Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley a fight that will alarm the world

Everyone in the world awake when Paquiao’s has his fight and now that Manny has a quite approaching fight with Shane Mosley, everyone is alarmed. The 8th divisions champion Manny Pacquiao had actually begin his hectic schedule of training with his trainer Freddie Roach. Manny is really preparing the best for this up coming fight. “How close this fight really is?” well, the fight is the biggest and most awaited fight in this year because the two boxing fighters and title holders  will challenge themselves in a battle for winning the title of the WBO Welterweight World Title Championship on May 7, this year at Las Vegas. 

This event, the Pacquiao vs Mosley  will surely  look forward by the world. This is the fight where everybody have to make gasps by their breath taking actions, wherein every punches will have an extra ordinary impact to each fighter and for the viewers around the world. It is the fight wherein everyone is very much willing to stop their works  just to witness this amazing fight. Since this fight is not a surprise for us, which means the two boxing champions are meant to be with this fight what we can do is to prepare if who will win to claim the WBO title. 

This fight is the most awaited fight of the year where everybody is excited to witness the exchanging punches of the two fighters. It is the moment of truth to reveal,  if who will be the deserving boxing champion and idol between Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley that will claim the thrown, the title for the WBO Welterweight World Title Championship.  Our bet is soon  to recognize and yet to come. This is the fight where everyone will watch for and I can say that this will be the fight for this year that will awake and alarm the world.

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