Friday, October 7, 2011

Basketball sport as one of Pacquiao’s training views it as advantage

One of the training the Manny Pacquiao is regularly involve with his schedule is that the basketball sport which he believes that can improved his ability in sketching and enhanced hand punches. Even though Roach already predicted an early knock out for Marquez, the hall of fame coach is adamant that he must still focus on his speed and timing during their training. Coach Freddie Roach has already cut of his sparring sessions for the champion and focuses on a multi-dimensional approach when he faces Marquez on November 12 for the WBO crown in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Pacquiao vs. Marquez III fight.

Since the Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 is within a month will be launch. Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s conditioning coach told reporters that his strength lays on his speed and expertise when he enters the ring he must have cleared his mind and focus to his opponent Marquez. Roach wanted Pacquiao to approach the fight in many angles since Marquez has already fully understood all of Pacquiao’s moves. According to Roach, he wanted Manny to use more of his right hand. Pacquiao is known for his right hand TKO finishes that manage to get any fighter down to their knees when facing Pacquiao and that also emphasized by Freddie Roach when Pacquiao did his basketball sport as part of his training now.

We know that the fight will be their third time meeting on the ring and this means that the fight will not just be as simple. It doesn’t matter if Pacquiao doesn’t use much of his left hand but Roach wanted to emphasize that if Pacquiao wanted to finish the fight in less than six rounds he has to use both of his hands and get Marquez down to his knees and to witness this, we all have to wait to watch Pacquiao vs. Marquez III bout that will precisely happe on Novem,ber 12 this year.

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