Monday, November 14, 2011

Juan Manuel Marquez Dirty Boxing Trick Exposed

Well well well.. What do we have here… so this is the secret to become a good counter puncher..

Luckily we have people who have good eyes to notice it. Special credit to Drummer Panda for showing this to me.
Stop at this these time values and observe the dirty little trick of Marquez. Notice Marquez trying to step over the foot of Manny. 

Foot Step Part 1 = 4th Round last 11 seconds
Foot Step Part 2 = 6th Round last 1:18 seconds
Foot Step Part 3 = 7th Round last 1:49 seconds
Foot Step Part 4 = 8th Round last 1:27 seconds
Foot Step Part 5 = 12th Round last 1:23 seconds
Foot Step Part 6 = 12th Round last 52 seconds 

  I don’t see any way this tactic to be legal.  How can Manny be able to dodge properly with this? This is dangerous stuff, he could injure Pacquiao here illegally. The boxing authorities should become aware of this and sanction Marquez for this little dirty stuff.

Watch this  YouTube video made by YAHWON containing compiled clips of Marquez’ trick.

(there’s a little hate message at the end of the video, please don’t mind it because probably the maker might have already been pissed off of the robbed out victory accusation against Manny and was not able to control his anger. Mexicans started the dirty talking first against Manny and they just really wont stop.)

Here is a clearer picture of Marquez’ cheat trick. (look at him stepping over Manny’s feet)
(image source:–45978)
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What is that liquid Marquez was drinking? isn’t it illegal for fighters during rounds to drink anything aside from water?
I don’t know what substance is that and I’m not sure if that is an exemption.
According to the WBO rules,


(a) The use of illegal or performance enhancing drugs or other stimolants before of during the Championship contest by any of the contestants shall be sufficient cause for the disqualification of the contestant guilty of said use. Only plain water may be given to a contestant in the course of the bout. Lubricants around the eyes is allowed in amounts within the Referee’s discretion; the use of lubricants, or any other substance on a contestant’s arms, legs and body is prohibited in Championship fights.
(b) The use of hemostats such as Thrombin, Avetine or Adrenalin 1/1000 solution shall be allowed between rounds to control the bleeding from minor cuts and lacerations sustained by a contestant as permitted by the roles and regolations of the Local Boxing Commission. If the Local Boxing Commission has no role concerning permissible hemostats, then only Adrenalin 1/1000 is permitted. Each contestant is obligated to know and comply with the roles and regolations of the Local Boxing Commission as to use of hemostats.
(source: )

So what the heck is that liquid substance doing there and what is that even called?? Colored water??
I need help spreading these resources. The information in the pictures and videos were not altered/edited so you’re assured that they are genuine.


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